German-Polish Seminar just started!

von 21thinkeurope

From the 21st till the 26th of March the Europe House Marienberg hosts a German-Polish Youth Gathering.Yesterday we were busy breaking the ice… and it worked out very well – Melting POT! Today we will be occupied with the issues surrounding the term „globalisation“. Who is involved in global playing? / political institutions? NGOs? How is our daily life interconnected and in how far does it depend on developments outside our nationale boarders? Fukushima, Lybia, In- and Export, Terror… are major issues. We have had great discussions and brainstorming sessions so far. Results coming from this seminar will be published here over the next few days.

Icebreaking (German-Polish Youth Gathering)


2 Kommentare to “German-Polish Seminar just started!”

  1. Check back on Monday.. for more information, Pictures and Movies! It will all be there!

  2. ok i wait ~Bartolomeo xD

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