Tuesday in retrospect for #deni11

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Let’s look back at what has happened today – our binational meetings first day. We started with the preparations for the think europe motor show, which of course climaxed in a very entertaining presentation session. We witnessed sale pitches, electric cars, european seatbelts, crap car metaphoric, chick magnets…

After an evaluation of that non-formal learning session new groups were formed and sent off to work on digital presentations. Topics: The European Institutions, European History etc. The results of these sessions will be published here tomorrow.

Please make up your group-minds and come up with a few sentences (7-8) about what you experienced. Use the commentary function below this post to publish your opinion. You are welcome to share everything that’s on your mind – negative remarks are just as welcome as positive comments.

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5 Kommentare to “Tuesday in retrospect for #deni11”

  1. We all liked the first project! The second project was very theoretical and similar to the work we do in school. This is the reason why we preferred the first project 🙂

  2. Today was a really nice but, also a really long and busy day… the car build-off went pretty well and it was fun to meet people from a different country, in this case Germany (or for our German teammember, the other way around). But the second challenge was longer and harder than expected. Yvette did not really like that part ;d

  3. It’s interesting and also fun to get in contact with eachother.
    It’s easier than expected to communicate in english.
    In the projects we did today we met people from the other country and we needed to work together,
    which we found helpful to get to know eachother.
    All in all it was a nice day.

  4. It was a really busy and exciting day. After a ride through very bad weather, we arrived in Bad Marienberg and met Anselm and Karsten. The studentcreated their own European car which they did in a very creative way. After the three course lunch the students went on with searching material about the European Union. We are curious about the results, but first have dinner and then we’ll go to the „Stübchen“, drink a Weizen and when we will have finished our beer………………… go to bed for a well-earned long night.

  5. When we arrived this morning we did not know what will happen. After we were put into binational groups, we had to build an „European Car“. It was very funny. Then we were put into new groups again and had to deal with the European Commission! Were are curious what will happen next and that the rooms will be warmer 😉

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